Tenants continue to choose Bendigo Property Management’s Services

– there are good reasons.

We are a boutique business focussed solely on managing rental property. We care about tenants.

Our team is experienced - very experienced! There is 120 years of knowledge, training and skills in the office. This is rarely seen in the industry.

Our cheerful team genuinely is interested in you. This clearly reflects in the length tenants remain with us. Many tenants choose not to change from our agency as sense they are genuinely respected and recognised for their efforts as good tenants.

We support all age groups equally in their quest to find suitable rental premises, from the young to senior ages.

You Have Decided to Rent

– what’s first?

How much rent can you afford to pay 365 days a year, plus pay all your utility bills, car expenses and your living costs?  This is very serious question and you set the limit.  Please be cautious!

Better properties always appeal more, but can lead you to financial stress.  This can affect your living standard and peace of mind.  Set a sensible figure you can afford and stick to it!  Avoid the temptation to stretch beyond your means.

We support all age groups equally in their quest to find suitable rental premises, from the young to senior ages.

Searching for a Suitable Property

– finding rental property.

You have made an ideal choice to start looking at Bendigo Property Management’s addresses www.bpm.net.au or www.huntergill.com.au!

Some people start the search with the Bendigo Weekly. We also suggest searching via www.realestateview.com.au and www.realestate.com.au.  This is all a good start to your search! 

This enables you to develop some basic knowledge of the marketplace.  You need to work out the areas that suit you. Do you require a unit, townhouse or a home?  It's also always wise to consider the neighbourhood.

Arranging Inspections

– each firm is different.

Calling into our estate agency office or phoning us is required to arrange an inspection.  Our property manager will arrange the time to meet you at the property.  Generally, several parties may meet at the same time to see it together.  We will guide you through this process.  It's wise to remember how busy our property manager is daily, as you negotiate your arrangements.  You need be a little flexible to make successful appointments times.

You must inspect the property before your application is considered.

Completing your application form

– great, you've found the property.

The old Scout “Be Prepared” motto applies!  Please take your supporting referees’ details to the inspection.  Ideally, you need to include their names, addresses, phone numbers for their work, home and mobile ideally.  You need your ‘next of kin’ details to add as a referee also.

Most importantly, you need to be able to prove your identity.  Please bring your driver’s licence, &/or birth certificate are prime documents.

Where possible, I recommend you complete the rental application form at the rented premises immediately.  This creates a direct association between you and your paperwork for the property manager.  This is an advantage, as you could imagine, just ‘processing’ a piece of paper is difficult.

You are making a big commitment

– cautiously read the lease.

We make an appointment for you to sign your lease for good reasons and they can take a while to complete. This is time well spent!

We want you to be well prepared to be a confident tenant. You learn some important points, while enjoying the company of your property manager. You start with a good understanding of how things ‘tick’!

Setting up the house rules

– create a reputation.

Living with people is the art of understanding life. It can be a joy or a disaster. Co-operation and active empathy is a good start point.

You need to develop the skills to run a good house and feel good about your life. Everyone has setbacks in life, it is how you overcome them that counts.

Paying Your Rent

– this can make or break reputations.

In today’s world, there are many options available to pay rent. You choose the one that fits your need best. At Bendigo Property Management, we like you to decide. We may not offer all choices, but offer you most of them. We welcome you to pay at the office in person or by the use electronic means. It’s you choice!

Rent Arrears

– things can go wrong in your life.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please tell us quickly. We understand life has many challenges. Most arrears are a short term problem and you will resume normal payments when the issue is corrected. Things happen!

Our landlords know you are highly important to them. Together, we will aim to solve the problem with you.

Naturally, if you fail to follow our agency’s advice and guidance, you will be evicted. We act fast and hard if required, because that is our job. We do not want to take this option, but it must be done sometimes. Fortunately, we make most situations a win for everyone and create smiles all round.

Sharing Can Look Good

– but you may be releasing a monster

Sharing saves you money, but can ruin your peace of mind and the tenancy, if things go wrong. You must be very cautious and never invite a sub-tenant to move in without your estate agent’s approval. We will make checks to reduce the risk of things going wrong.

Giving Notice to Vacate

– it's time to move on.

You need to give us a ‘Notice to Vacate” of 28 days, regardless of being on a ‘periodic tenancy’ or ‘breaking’ a fixed term lease! This is best done in writing as required by the Residential Tenancies Act. Many phone the office and then follow-up by giving their notice in writing.

Finalising Your Tenancy

– the ultimate test of your reputation

You become excited to move in, develop a good routine and then you may start taking things for granted. This last phase is where trouble can set in. You were clean and tidy during the tenancy, but when vacating, you became tired &/or short of time &/or lost interest to clean well. Your standards may have dropped below the bench mark of being ‘reasonably clean’! This can ruin your previous efforts with a controversial end to your tenancy.

Remember, that after your cleaning has been completed, arrange for your carpets to be professionally cleaned, look through every cupboard, drawer, shelf, wardrobe to remove all of your belongings and do a final and thorough inspection. It is vital to return your keys to the office, immediately after vacating.

When Things Go Wrong

– maintenance!

Having maintenance problems can be an inconvenience or be annoying or not a concern or urgent. In all circumstances, you should report it to us. We then can assess the situation for action. We need the permission of the owner/s and then we can act. Our tradespeople are excellent and deal with the problem efficiently. We like you to be comfortable.

Insure Your Belongings

– Insure Your Belongings

You need to insure your personal belongings and take any precautions recommended by your insurer. Life has a few hiccups at times and that is why there is insurance. We DO see tenants who have needed it.

Be a Brilliant Tenant

– life gets easier

Hearing good news that your application has been successful takes a lot of stress away for you. Brilliant tenants seem to have fewer problems finding places to rent, as owners love them!  With your ‘AAA’ rental history your life may get easier. You become a winner!

Utility Accounts

– huge unexpected bills

These days large accounts for water, power and gas have become common. Be cautious with their usage to avoid a financial shock in your mailbox. Using your heating overnight can be extremely expensive.

Your Ultimate Goal

– be a home owner!

Rent can be a constant battle and it is not meant to be forever. Saving for your own home can be your ultimate goal. This starts a new journey of a freedom in your life.