Living in Bendigo

The City of Greater Bendigo offers a convenient regional way to have a city life. Part of Bendigo’s appeal is the generally dry weather -- the sun shines a lot here -- and its city size with a country culture. Bendigo is a regional city of 100,000 people and is sited over an historic goldfield – the seventh richest in the world. It offers a range of extensive interests, with a quarter of the population renting properties. 

There is the well-known Gothic cathedral, the Sacred Heart — one of Australia's largest churches -- a highly respected art gallery, pottery centre, public gardens, significant wineries, sporting facilities, athletic track, cycling trails and farmers' markets. It has the best of Melbourne's advantages, yet it has easier country ways. If you think in terms of peak hour traffic, get used to peak minute traffic. Generally, you need only about 15 minutes to get around most of the town. There is a Very Fast Train connection to Melbourne or it is approximately a 90-minute drive. Take it from us, we live a good lifestyle!