The people’s choice

– and there are many good reasons

Bendigo Property Management is the choice of so many people simply because we are a boutique business focussed solely on managing your rental property interests. Your success as an investor is our only concern, regardless of whether you have a single rental property or hold large numbers of rental properties. Our team is experienced -- very experienced! – with more than 110 years of knowledge, training and skills. This average of about 16 years’ experience per staff member is something which is rarely seen in the real estate industry in property management. Our landlords benefit from a continuity of knowledge and experience when it counts most. It saves owners money. Our cheerful team is genuinely interested in you, a fact which is clearly reflected in the length landlords remain with us. And our existing clients continue to refer new customers to us, proving they have confidence in the standard of service provided. Yes, we offer you quality property management services, in a highly expert and demanding industry demanding high levels of expertise. It is a constant challenge to get the right balance, but we are sure you will like the result. 

We take the inspections

– no keys are lent to strangers or friends. 

Taking inspections is our opportunity to meet your prospective tenants. It is a relaxed interview process, while tenants view your property. It is not solely for tenants to view your property. This inspection process is a very important stage in learning all about your prospective tenants. Tenants must be highly suited to your requirements -- it is a bit like choosing someone for a job position. 

Condition Report

– a prime source document 

Condition reports are a prime document to protect both parties. Landlords and tenants may forget the true condition of their property after an extended time. We thoroughly record the condition of your property from scratch -- no copying the last report in the system. Most importantly, it is highly likely the same property manager will commence and finalise each tenancy. 

Tenancy Applications

– a critical process 

This is one of the most important tasks we carry out. Our application form was designed by us, for our needs in Bendigo and was not designed by a third party or by people from the city. We seek the best information to support our informal interviews at the inspections. Naturally, we test the referee’s information to seek a continuity of detail that the prospective tenant is truly capable of looking after your property. We record notes of all this information to present to you, so you can consider the quality of the applications with a strong degree of supporting knowledge. We also refer to the extensive databases of the National Tenancy Database and the Tenancy Information Centre of Australasia. These are powerful tools like credit history enquiries. We are agent members of both systems. 

Routine Inspections

– watching over the tenancies  

The most important task in the first place is to choose excellent tenants. The second most important task is carrying out routine inspections to observe how tenants are caring for your rental property. This reassures you and us that the tenants are up to expectations and oversees any maintenance requirements and/or observes any safety issues. These routine inspections cannot be more often than six monthly (as set out in the Residential Tenancies Act), but may be after the first three months of a new tenancy. 

Tenant’s Rent

– they help pay your mortgage and maintenance bills 

The tenants are offered many ways to pay their rent, including via direct and periodic payments from their financial institution, through Centrelink’s Centrepay, or simply in person at our office. Many agents set the rules and tell them what they must do, whereas we ask the tenants what they prefer. Tenants appreciate being respected and considered. 


Owners / Landlord Statements

– Landlord’s Pay Day 

We like to offer you options as well, so you can be flexible. On the first business day of each month, we process the last month’s transactions and prepare your owner’s statements. Some owners prefer this service twice a month. As part of this process, we can pay your property rates, general accounts and maintenance expenses and show this activity on your statements. End of year financial statements are produced without any added cost and included with your July owner’s statement showing all expenditure and income for the year. This includes the rental income, maintenance expenses, general rates, water access fees and other expenses. 


– caring for your investments 

We have a wonderful team of supporting tradespeople. We match tradespeople, the work and the account value to keep you in control. This creates a tax invoice that is right for you. We will pay your accounts from your rental income on your behalf. We also can work with your preferred tradespeople if required. 


Rent Arrears

– caring for your income 

If tenants are to experiencing financial difficulties and fall behind with their rent, we will be quick to act, by taking the correct procedural action to minimise the risk of losses, such as notices, applications, hearings, orders and even warrants, if required. We remain focussed on the tenant’s recovery to a normal rent status wherever possible. Most tenants resume normal payments after short term problems. 

Long Tenancies

– keeping your tenants for you 

Our aim is to keep your best tenants for as long as possible. Well-established tenancies can be very valuable for all parties. This needs tenants to be happy and content, so they want to stay. It is good business practice to give strong respect to tenants and remain polite and pleasant. We genuinely care for them for you. The reduced tenancy changeovers can save you money and add to your peace of mind as a property investor.